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Administrator is not an Administrator for server ……. 18 July 2010

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Domino menyediakan fitur yang namanya Server Controller, fitur ini sangat berguna bagi Administrator yang mempunyai Domino diatas platform non Windows.

Pada fitur Server Controller ini kita bisa melihat console server dan yang paling penting adalah melakukan start server karena pada OS Non Windows koneksinya hanya SSH sehingga tidak bisa double click icon Domino 😀

Namun beberapa minggu ini saya tidak bisa connect ke server, errornya adalah: Administrator is not an Administrator for server.

Setelah search pada publib IBM ternyata ada settingan yang salah. Di Security Tab pada Server Document, jika diisi group maka tipe group tersebut harus multi purpose.

Publib IBM

Field Administrators:
Enter the names of administrators who can administer the server. The default value for this field is the name of the administrator who initially set up the server. Administrators listed here have the following rights:

* Manager access to the Web Administrator database (WEBADMIN.NSF).
* Create, update, and delete folder and database links
* Create, update, and delete directory link ACLs
* Compact and delete databases
* Create, update, and delete full text indexes
* Create databases, replicas, and Master Templates
* Get and set certain database options (for example, in/out of service, database quotas, and so on)
* Use message tracking and track subjects
* Use the console to remotely administer UNIX servers
* Issue any remote console command

Note If you are using the (Java) Server Controller and you enter a group name in this field, the group must have a group type of "Multi-purpose" to allow the administrator names to appear in the Administrators field.

Note For Domino 6.0 and subsequent releases, if the Notes.ini variable Server_Restricted is used to restrict server access, administrators can still open databases on the server.

Sekarang Administrator is an Administrator hehehe ….



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